Enough Already: Get an Executive Coach!

Let go of your ego and overconfidence and get the support you need to grow your business.

In Michael Gerber’s book, E-Myth, he defined the 3-eyes of a business owner. The entrepreneur, manager and technician. Most entrepreneurs sprouted from being the technician at one point. They started a business to develop a better mouse trap, provide better service, be their own boss and not be bossed around, work less, and make more money.

Now these new and existing entrepreneurs who are now the leaders of their business may or may not have the skills and knowledge to take their business to the next level. We see many times business leaders believe since their business is doing well they do not need to develop their personal skills or seek out experienced help to view their business objectively and develop a plan of action for growth. In other words, they know it all. Their own egos get into their way which hinders them on being receptive to advice and constructive feedback.

So, what should these leaders do?

Get an Executive Coach!

In today’s high pressure environment, leaders need a confidant, a mentor, or someone they can trust to tell the truth about their behavior. They rarely (if at all) get that from employees, or board members, or even their spouse. A coach is a perfect solution.

Just think of all the great athletes, hi-profile leaders, speakers, etc. Do you think they all have coaches? The answer is YES! They see the value of having someone on their team looking out for them. If these individuals understand the power of having a coach on their team, then why do so many entrepreneurs feel the need to go through it alone-struggling, believing they are the first business owner that must go through all the headaches of growing a business?

Just read articles in publications such as Fast Company, Inc, Forbes, Huffington Post that all detail out how using a business coach will dramatically increase the results of your business and your personal life.

Needing a coach is not a sign of weakness, nor are you alone in benefiting from the help of a professional. So, as the Eagles said, “get over it,” and get yourself the support you need to perform at your peak.

Steve Feld, Certified Business Coach, provides training and business performance coaching to business owners, professionals and executives. He also conducts workshops and training on a variety of subjects for business owners, executives and their staff which he customizes to every organization to provide the greatest positive impact. Contact Steve today to see how he can assist you grow your business, 602-750-3017.


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